Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Jesha Miller
1733 Davcohn Ave.
Evansville IN. 47714
812 470 2531
FBI Dir. James Comey
FBI agent William Gray
U.S. Attorney Joshua Minkler -
Re: Evidence demands indictment of Judges Richard Young, Judge David Kiely, Magistrate Matthew Brookman, & immediate restitution by paying Jesha Miller 50 million dollars as stipulated in This June 30, 2016. Case No. 3;16 - cv - 58 - RLY - MPB Title 18 sec. 241 -Conspiracy to deny rights / Title 18 sec. 242 - denying rights under color of law. [ ]
    In speaking with agent William Gray the first thing he did was to try & talk me out of investigating Judges Richard Young. He misconstrued Constitutional Law # 250.2 ( 4 ) which provides: Every Black Man has a right under the 14th amendment to the Constitution U.S.C.A., that in the selection of jurors to pass on his life, liberty, or property, THERE SHALL BE NO EXCLUSION OF HIS RACE, and no discrimination against them because of their race. [ agent William Gray says it means once they are picked there shall be no exclusion. The Constitutional Law clearly says in the selection of jurors. The transcripts are EVIDENCE IMPOSSIBLE TO DENY JURORS WERE EXCLUDED IN THE SELECTION OF JURORS TO PASS ON MY LIFE & LIBERTY. A CLEAR VIOLATION OF THE 14th amendment by Constitutional Law which entitles Jesha Miller to 50 million dollars for the default that is guaranteed under the Bill of Rights that government must protect. ]
    I contacted the FBI office by the number Agent William Gray gave me this past Monday, June 27, 2016 to get immediate relief in the form of money by the treasury department paying for a car & paying $ 10,000
Dollars for the next 3 days in my paypal account.[ - the complaint is pursuant to Title 18 sec. 241 which is oppression. His actions in light of irrefutable evidence of a 14th amendment violation in 4 different manners continues the oppression which is a crime.
Restitution must be made by paying the 50 million dollars in full this June 30, 2016. ]
    U.S. Attorney Joshua Minkler did not throw federal Judge Richard Young as agent William Gray says “ under the bus “. U.S. Attorney Minkler has a duty to indict violations of the Constitution & Laws of the U.S., just as the FBI has a duty to indict violations of Title 18 which are CRIMES. That is the refusal to cover for colleagues becoming a part of corruption when there is irrefutable evidence of the crime pursuant to Title 18 which are all CRIMES.
    Director James Comey must assure agent William Gray does his duty as the Director of the FBI.
The FBI turned their head under the previous Director Mueller III of which you had an obligation to assume responsibility for the guaranteed right & NOW the responsibility comes under you as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
    The 14th amendment MANDATE that race discrimination be eliminated from all official acts & proceedings of the State is most compelling in the Judicial System. The Statutory PROHIBITION on discrimination in the selection of jurors 18 U.S.C. sec. 243, enacted pursuant to the 14th amendments enabling clause, makes race neutrality in the jury selection a visible & inevitable measure of the judicial system’s own commitment to the demands of the constitution. The Courts are under an affirmative duty to enforce the strong statutory & constitutional policies embodied in that prohibition. Peters v. Kiff, 92 S.Ct. 2170 - 2171. [ By Title 18 sec. 243 statutory prohibition the FBI must indict Judge David Kiely for excluding my race which Congress made a crime & indict Judge Richard Young pursuant to Title 18 sec. 241 & 242 as this is another 14th amendment violation which entitles Jesha Miller 50 million dollars for the default this June 30, 2016. ]
    Judges willfully deny rights bring indictment on themselves refusing Constitutional DEMAND
       Judge David Kiely was told the Constitution would not support his action of no Blacks in the jury panel. Objection exposed discrimination. There is an objection as I’m entitled to jury of my peers which included my race.                                                                                                                                                                          Judge David Kiely is told the results we don’t get a cross section of the community violating my constitutional right under State & Federal Constitution right to a fair & impartial jury as mandated through the 14th amendment. [ This is the 3rd manner of 14th amendment violation that entitles Jesha Miller 50 million dollars for default of the guaranteed right. The evidence demands indictment of Federal Judge Richard Young for oppression & denying rights under color of law. ] Judge David Kiely overrules the State & Federal Constitution so he brings indictment upon himself for refusing Blacks equality.
     Judge Richard Young dismissed all defendants by reason of Frivolous & no relief sought. He was given chance to amend but refused. He next was informed his actions were in violation of Title 18 sec. 242 denying rights under color of law but refused to amend. The FBI is submitted the transcripts with EVIDENCE IMPOSSIBLE TO DENY DEFAULT OF THE 14th Amendment by violating the right to a fair & impartial jury, violating Constitutional Law # 250.2 ( 4 ) proving default of 14th amendment by excluding members of my race, Title 18 sec. 243 which is the exclusion of jurors on account of race. A crime has occurred whether the defendant is Black or White, whether he is Black or White, a crime has occurred. In prong two, congress made it a crime to deter Judges from excluding a race. Finally, this violates the 13th amendment by taking my freedom without being duly processed in violation of the 14th amendment. The exclusion of Blacks renders them to second class citizens.
      This is the Primary crime that exposed the entire Judicial Branch to be corrupt because upon appeal to the 7th Circuit a Habeas Corpus was filed & a panel of men judges required Indiana account for my imprisonment. Next a panel of women which probably included 7th Circuit chief Judge Woods denied the appeal. The U.S. Supreme Court upon being petitioned by Habeas Corpus had a duty to checks the records & immediately release Jesha Miller from the unconstitutional imposed Slavery. They failed, that’s dereliction of duty. The habeas corpus is a power denied government to secure the right to freedom when held in violation of the Constitution & laws of the U.S. That’s abuse of power by the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court next commit an act against the law by remanding Jesha Miller to the imposed slavery.
     The denial of equality & imposed slavery is in the entire Indiana Government. Start with Indiana Senator Vaneta Becker who submitted a resolution for Jesha Miller which stated the U.S.C. does not guarantee a specific jury because of your color. When I submitted this to be corrected as the prior Constitutional Law# 250.2 ( 4 ) provides: every Black Man has a right under the 14th amendment to the Constitution U.S.C.A., that there shall be no exclusion of his race /
She refused to correct the law to continue the imposed slavery which is economical exploitation in violation of the 13th & 14th amendments. [ See: ]     Indiana Governor Michael Pence knew the judicial Branch was corrupt from being informed when he was a member of the Judiciary. He was moved to make a proclamation informing the Indiana residents of imposed slavery by the Indiana judiciary but refused.       [ See:  ]
Indiana Senators Dan Coats, Joe Donnelly, & representative Larry Bucshon were petitioned to take to the floor of the Senate & House to enforce the 13th amendment to stop Indiana Court imposing slavery but they refused which is taxation without representation so no TAXES CAN BE TAKEN WHEN PAYING THE 50 MILLION DOLLARS.
[ ]
ALL OFFICIALS HAVE BROUGHT INDICTMENT BY REFUSING THE DEMANDS OF THE CONSTITUTION TO JUSTICE & EQUALITY FOR ALL. { THE PROBLEM BEING CONCEALED BY MAGISTRATE MATTHEW BROOKMAN IS CORRUPTION IN THE U.S. SUPREME COURT SO HE REFUSED TO ENFORCE THE 1st Amendment right to freedom of the press of which he & Judge Richard Young conspired to deny the right to freedom of the press violating Title 18 sec. 241 in conspiracy & to deny the 50 million dollars for default of the 14th amendment. The 7th Circuit refused to INTERVENE because they were part of the appeal process that turned their head to Judge David Kiely overruling the State & Federal Constitution which they have done twice.
     In this case, timely objection has laid bare a discrimination in the selection of jurors.
28 sec. 1863 Plan for random jury selection.
( a ) Each U.S. District Ct. “shall” place into operation a written plan for random selection of grand or petit jurors that shall be designed to achieve the objections of sections 1861 & 1862 of this title
( Chapter 121 Juries; trial by jury). The panel shall examine the plan to ascertain that it complies with the provisions of this title & shall state the particulars in which the plan fails to comply & present within a reasonable time an alternative plan remedying the DEFECTS.
JUDGES 33 - The act of a county Judge in selecting jurors in ministerial, not judicial; and although he derives his authority from the state, he is bound, in the discharge of that duty, to OBEY THE FEDERAL CONSTITUTION AND THE LAWS PASSED IN PURSUANCE THEREOF.
    This being the solution, the FBI, agent William Gray has a duty to enforce Title 18 sec. 242 against Vanderburgh County Judge David Kiely for overruling the State & Federal Constitution denying the unalienable right to a trial by a fair & impartial jury as mandated by the 14th amendment & indict federal Judge Richard Young for denying 50 million dollars & the interest to be paid to Jesha Miller as stipulated in The indictment must include Magistrate Matthew Brookman for refusing to enforce the 1st amendment right to freedom of the press to conceal corruption in the entire Judicial Branch government & aid Judge David Kiely from justice for the crime committed pursuant to title 18 sec. 243 which is the exclusion of jurors on account of race in conspiracy with Judge Richard Young. Case No. 3 : 16 - cv - 00058.  They are caught by the irrefutable evidence excluding members of my race in refusing equality guaranteeing the right to a fair trial by an impartial jury guaranteed under the 6th amendment of the Bill of Rights. This VIOLATES THE UNALIENABLE RIGHT “ ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL “ which I cannot be separated from under any circumstances. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE - We hold these truth to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the governed, That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it. And to institute new government. { the aforementioned Judges & officials are destructive to the Constitution & Laws of the U.S. & must be indicted under title 18 which are crimes to secure the guaranteed rights of the Constitution. } FBI Director James Comey & agent William Gray must enforce Title 18 as well as U.S. Attorney Joshua Minkler whose duty it is to indict & make restitution by paying Jesha Miller the 50 million dollars owed in full this June 30, 2016 to stop any further oppression.
Basic Contents of a Bill of Rights
"By a declaration of rights, I mean one which shall stipulate freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of commerce against monopolies, trial by juries in all cases, no suspensions of the habeas corpus, no standing armies. These are fetters against doing evil which no honest government should decline." --Thomas Jefferson to Alexander Donald, 1788. ME 6:425
"A bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference."
{ The genius is protecting the right to freedom of the press when the FCC has given the media broadcasters the discretion to air what they want which is in defiance of the Constitution.
See: - Congress cannot make a law that denies the right to freedom of the press. This is an evil that the 1st amendment says the media cannot censor & government cannot prevent in any manner. The FCC is the government who by the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND CANNOT PREVENT MY RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS TO INFORM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC OF GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION. THAT WAY THE 1st AMENDMENT HELPS UPHOLD THE INTEGRITY OF THE CONSTITUTION. ATTENTION AGENT GRAY:
{ Despite popular MISUNDERSTANDING the right to freedom of press GUARANTEED BY THE 1st AMENDMENT is not very much different from the right to freedom of speech, it allows an individual to express themselves through publication & dissemination - meaning spread widely & in this case corruption in the U.S. Supreme Court is of National Public concern. }

   THE FBI CANNOT TURN THEIR HEAD TO JUDGE DAVID KIELY OVERRULING BOTH THE STATE & FEDERAL CONSTITUTION. THEY MUST INDICT FEDERAL JUDGE RICHARD YOUNG WHO HAD 3 CHANCES TO AMEND JUDGMENT BEFORE BEING INDICTED FOR DENYING RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW - TITLE 18 SEC. 241 & 242. The transcripts must be turned over to U.S. Attorney Joshua Minkler this June 30, 2016 to make immediate restitution by paying Jesha Miller 50 million dollars for the default of the 14th amendment & indict Federal judge Richard Young & Judge David Kiely pursuant to Title 18 sec. 242 - denying rights under color of law. 5 4 3 2 yo Time is up.
Respectfully submitted to FBI Agent William Gray - Jesha Miller
Date: June 29, 2016
Copy emailed to U.S. Attorney Joshua Minkler
Copy emailed to FBI Dir. James Comey through website for justice department.

Ice box is on the blink, nothing cold in the smoldering heat. No car & riding a bicycle 20 miles everyday have lost 20 pounds & dangerous to injure my back from previous nerve damage. Need a House which is picked out & need my money owed before another buyer get them. Medical treatment immediately needed in dental work which threatens my life. Have a fiancee ready for immediate marriage that can wait no longer.

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  1. The FBI Director must be held accountable for corruption of Judges & agent William Gray cannot continue oppression by delaying which is the continuation of oppression. The judicial Branch is caught. They must pay & be held accountable.